Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

     Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays!  I love having creative costumes, getting dressed up and obviously, the chocolate!  This year was a little different because we had little Kyle here to celebrate with us.  I wanted to do a costume that included all 3 of us and after much debate we were able to come up with me as Peter Pan, Kyle as Tinkerbell, and Cameron as Rufio (from Hook).  We had a lot of fun making these costumes together and hopefully this will continue to be a tradition for many years to come.

Luckily for us, my parent came into town the weekend before Halloween and they were able to watch Kyle while Cameron and I went to the ICU Halloween party.  Cameron, even won the award for "Most Original Costume".

A Very Scary Voldemort

Cameron and the Walmart Lady

Cameron, Dr. Lewis Taub, Cassidy

 Kyle also had her 2 month check up on Halloween and she is getting so big!!  She weighs 8lbs 6oz and is 21 inches long.  This puts her in the 4th percentile for weight and the 7th percentile for height.  Even though she is still quite small her doctor is pleased with her growth.  Kyle also had to get her first set of shots at this appointment.  It was so sad to see her go from playing and kicking the MA's to screaming in pain.  She only cried for about 3 minutes and then she sort of collapsed in my arms and made the saddest little whimper I've ever heard.

Kyle has been such a sweet little girl and we feel so lucky to have her with us!  She is starting to smile at us and it is so fun.  I haven't been able to capture a photo of it yet but, hopefully I can soon.  She is a little spoiled and she really likes to be held and cuddled all the time.  I always said I wouldn't be one of those moms that holds their baby all the time but, I find it very hard to put her down.  So, Kyle may turn into a spoiled turd and I only have myself to blame but, how can I say no to that cute face??


Dan & Britt said...

Love the costumes! Kyle is the cutest!I just keep thinking that she's the same size as a water bottle :) So tiny, but the cutest chubby cheeks ever!