Sunday, May 23, 2010


This morning sometime close to 6am Cameron and I were sleeping when our fire alarm started going off. I was so confused and I couldn't figure what was making all that noise, Cameron jumped out of bed and left the room super fast. As soon as he opened the door I could smell something burning. The first thought that went through my head as I climbed out of bed to see what was going going one was, "Crap, did I leave my straightener plugged in?!" Cameron always gets mad when I forget to unplug my straightener because I could, "Burn the whole house down." But, luckily the burning smell was not coming from the bathroom and it was not my straightener. When Cameron saw that I was up he said, "Cass, just go back to sleep." I'm pretty sure I responded in a not very nice tone when I said, "Are you kidding me? You think I can just go lay back down when it smells like smoke and the fire alarm just went off?" We couldn't find anything in our apartment that was burning, smoking or even remotely hot. Cameron went outside to see if it was the apartment below us, it wasn't. Then I realized that our heater had turned on that the vent was hot. Cameron turned it off and decided that we were fine to go back to bed. I was still a little shaken by the whole thing but eventually I was able to go back to sleep.

I hope this isn't a problem in the winter when we actually need our heater!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Graduation Day!

Cameron graduated from Nursing School today!! It has been a tradition all around the world for new nurses to be "pinned" at their graduation ceremony. Cameron chose me to pin him. It was a good ceremony and a great way to end his journey in the nursing program. I'm so proud of Cameron for finishing this program I know that it was hard and somewhat stressful, especially during these last few weeks. Cameron doesn't really feel like this graduation is that big of a deal because it's just for his associate's degree and he's going to more school anyways but, really it is a big deal! Way to go Cam! I love ya and I'm proud of you!!!

This is us just before I "pinned" Cameron, my camera decided to turn off when I was doing the actually pinning so we didn't get a photo of that part. I dropped the back of the pin and it was pretty embarrassing...

This is Cameron and some of his fellow students, they lit candles (battery operated, because we were outside) and stated the nursing oath.

Cameron and I after the ceremony,

Visitor Fun!

This weekend Cameron's mom was in town! It was so nice to see her, we haven't seen her since last summer! We were able to spend some quality time together during her short visit. On Sunday, we had dinner at the Wise's and played a very fun/competitive/entertaining game of Catch Phrase. I had forgotten how much I enjoy that game. Then, on Monday we went hiking in Snow Canyon. I had never been there before and it's so cool!! On Tuesday we did a session at the St. George Temple, we ate at the cafeteria, it was super good! Susan even took us to paint cereals bowls, it was a lot of fun!! Even though, it was a short trip we really enjoyed the time we spent together.

Here are some photos from Snow Canyon... I'm not the best at remembering to take pictures so these are the only ones we have...