Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Bit of Summer

So, we didn't have a super exciting summer due to Cameron still being in school and both of us starting new jobs as nurses. But, we were able to take a quick trip to California for the weekend. It worked out perfectly with our schedules and it was over Cameron's birthday which made it even more fun! Here are some photos!

This is the Oceanside Pier. For some reason or another we have fallen in love with Oceanside! At night people line up along the pier and fish, you have to be careful not to lean on the wood railing because you might just put your arms in some nasty fish guts! Gross! We ate dinner at Ruby's Diner (The building on the very end of the pier) and we happened to see some dolphins while we were eating. So fun!!

It was Cameron's birthday while we were there and we decided to make the trip to Disneyland. I thought it was going to be super crowded because it was Friday but, the longest we ever had to wait for a ride was 40 minutes, no too shabby! Maybe, it's because it was Friday the 13th and people thought they were going to die or something.

This is us at California Adventure. Shortly after this photo was taken, I learned that Disneyland has nurses that work there. This has become my new career goal!

3D glasses photos are my favorite, I told Cameron to be silly, he told me that he didn't know how to make a silly face...

Here we are in Tarzan and Jane's tree-house. It could have been a much cuter picture, but I am doing awkward things with Cameron's arm... haha

Here we are moments before going on Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Toon Town fun!

To end the Disneyland photos I leave you with my favorite picture! The $8 spent on the turkey leg... totally worth it!

He we are freezing our butts off at the beach. I don't think the sun came out from behind the clouds one time that whole day!

Even though it was cold we still managed to get some sweet skimmin' in!

So I'm pretty sure we should send this photo to Victoria Skim Boards because it looks like a pretty sweet add to me!

And, last but not least, my favorite photo of the trip: Cameron trying to kiss me, and me shutting him down. Come on Cam, you can't kiss people on the beach, what if someone else sees us?? haha I love ya Cam!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Cameron, Braeden, Alisha, Dan, and I went cliff jumping at The Sand Hollow Reservoir last week. It was lots and lots of fun! I am super scared of heights but, I somehow always give in to peer pressure and jump off anyway. I guess if my friend's name was cliff I would jump off him! haha (Jimmy Neutron reference) Here are some photos and we are very excited to go back!

The boys were not afraid and went right for the high cliff!

Me, debating whether or not I'm going to jump.

Me, actually jumping. I did eventually give in and jump off the high one.

Cam and Dan swimming around. Notice the dog just in front of him, his owner is behind Cameron and Dan. I felt so bad for this little guy, his piece of crap owner jumped off the cliff while holding him and then let go of him half way down. The poor dog was built like an English Bulldog and had these tiny little legs that could barely keep him a float. I wanted to steal him away or call the dog police to come take him. It was very sad.

Thanks Alisha for being the photographer!!