Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Time

This Christmas was a a little different for Cameron and I. We both had the lovely opportunity of working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, sort of sad. But, that's what happens in the nursing world. We did get the chance to go up North and spend some time with my family before Christmas which was very nice.

We got to see my dad perform with The Mapleton Chorale at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, which was pretty neat!

We also had a White Elephant party with my family. That was so much fun! We even got a surprise guest visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus! All of the kids were very excited!

Uncle Phil, Colin, and Cameron with their gifts.

Springville was hit with a crazy snow storm and we woke up to about 12 inches of snow. We were able to build this pretty ugly snowman while we were there! haha My mom, Cameron and I picked out a Christmas wreath for my dad. (If you feel confused, I'm sorry, I have 2 dads.)

Cameron and I had to be home for work so our trip was cut short but, my parents still spoiled us rotten with Christmas gifts. We love them and are so grateful for everything they do for us. Growing up, Cameron's Grandpa always took the grandkids out to McDonald's for breakfast on Christmas Eve morning. Cameron and I had good intentions to wake up before work and go to McDonald's but when the alarm went off at 4:45am we both decided that sleeping was a better idea! haha That night, we had Chinese food for dinner (a long standing tradition in my family) and we opened one present that was pajamas. Christmas morning we went to work bright and early. I enjoyed being with all my residents on Christmas, a lot of them had no idea it was Christmas day and when you said "Merry Christmas" they got very excited. One lady said, "the is the strangest Christmas I've ever had!" While I was at work I was able to call my brother Colton, who is in Brazil on a mission. It was so good to talk to him, he sounds like he is doing well and like he's grown up a lot in the past year. After Cameron and I got home from work we headed over to a friend's house for a Christmas dinner. There were four couples total and at least one person in each couple had to work that day and none of us had family around so it worked out. We came home and around 10:00 we opened presents and went to bed so that we could wake up for work the next day. All in all it was a pretty good Christmas. I am so grateful for this time of year and that we can remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. I am so grateful for the Savior and his sacrifice for all of us. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our friends and family!!

This is your reward if you happen to make it through this really long post...

Cameron singing Wooly Bully with Dr. Casillas at his work Christmas party!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Cameron and I had a great Thanksgiving. We were able to go to Pennsylvania and have the holiday with Cameron's parents. We had an amazing dinner with the Brown's, a family in the ward. I wish I would have taken photos of our dinner, but I always forget... Cameron and I did have the opportunity to walk around downtown Phoenixville. It was cool to see the old buildings and here memories from Cameron's high school years.

Here is the mural that tells some of the history of Phoenixville.

The famous Colonial Theatre that made an appearance in the movie "The Blob."

Cameron and the town.

Eating at the Black Lab Bistro.

Cameron's crab cakes.

While in Pennsylvania we were able to help put up Kevin and Susan's Christmas tree.

We also went to Cameron's 10 year class reunion. It was a lot of fun and Cameron really enjoyed seeing old friends.

Phoenixville High School, Class of 2000.

TJ, Scott, Scott's date, Kevin, Cameron, Cassidy, Brian, Brian's date.

Kenny, TJ, Cameron and Luke.

Us with Lucy and Nate Tyler.

We had so much fun on our little trip and can't wait to go back! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pine Valley Mountain

Yesterday Cameron and I and some friends hiked to the top of Pine Valley Mountain. It was probably one of the hardest hikes we have done in a long time. It was 12 miles round trip and it took us about 6 hours. The whole hike was so pretty, the leaves were changing colors, the views were amazing, all in all it was definitely worth it!

Here we are at the beginning of our journey, about 1.5 miles in.

A few years ago an avalanche came through here and wiped out all the trees, it's just barely starting to grow back.

The miles mile of the hike was brutal, it feels like you are going straight uphill. The trail is a mixture of loose rocks and boulders you climb over, so your legs are screaming at you to just stop walking. Even with our legs being as tired as they were, it was so worth it! Here is the group sitting at 10,000 feet up, enjoying the view.

The was a family of ladybugs that ate lunch with us, you can only see 6 of them, but down in that crevice there are like 30 ladybugs!

Cameron, sitting on Burger Point

Cameron and I sitting on a cliff, with St. George below us.

The view of St. George!

I feel so grateful that Cameron and I live in a place where we can go outdoors and see all of these amazing places. It is so humbling to see so much of the world that isn't covered in houses, and fast food restaurants. I feel like I need to thank my Grandpa Nilsen, because if it wasn't for him I know I wouldn't love to hike and be outdoors! Thanks Gramps, for taking me on all those hiking/camping trips! I am not sure if Cameron feels the same as me but, I can't wait to do this hike again!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Utah Man, Sir, Will Be Till I Die; Ki! Yi!

This past weekend Cameron and I went to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah's homecoming football game. It was so great to see old friends and to finally be able to go to a game. The university's marching band and Crimson Line (dance team) invites the alumni to come back and perform for halftime at the homecoming game. Cameron and I were able to drum and dance at the game. It was so much fun!! Here are some photos!!

Cameron went and played ultimate frisbee with some of his old roommates before the game.

Roman, Ed, Cameron, and Rocky

Warming up before the game.

The stadium!

Cameron, Stephanie, and Tyrell

Trisha, Tasha, Cassidy, and Swoop

The Crazy Lady! Every game after the 3rd quarter the band plays a song from Blues Brothers and the "crazy lady" dances to it. Sorry the song is really quiet, I was on the other side of the stadium when I filmed this.

Crimson Line Alumni, I danced with all of these girls except five of them during my 2 years on the team.

So, Cameron and I just took turns with the camera so we never actually got a picture together! So sad!! On the drive back to St. George our tire blew up! Here are some photos of Cameron fixing the tire, I wanted to get better ones but he kept telling me to stay on the other side of the car... haha

All in all it was a fun trip, we were very glad that we got to see some old friends and hopefully we can do it again some day!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Last weekend we had to chance to go to the Dixie Round Up Rodeo. It was a smaller rodeo than the rodeos I have been to in the past, but it was still lots of fun!! Cameron was a little disappointed that he didn't get to see any cars smashing into other cars (sometimes he gets demolition derbies and rodeos mixed up.)

Here are some photos!!

Buckin' Bulls

Braeden and Cameron

Brittnie, Alisha, and I

Steer wrestling, this one makes me a little sad,I always feel like they are hurting the Steers...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Bit of Summer

So, we didn't have a super exciting summer due to Cameron still being in school and both of us starting new jobs as nurses. But, we were able to take a quick trip to California for the weekend. It worked out perfectly with our schedules and it was over Cameron's birthday which made it even more fun! Here are some photos!

This is the Oceanside Pier. For some reason or another we have fallen in love with Oceanside! At night people line up along the pier and fish, you have to be careful not to lean on the wood railing because you might just put your arms in some nasty fish guts! Gross! We ate dinner at Ruby's Diner (The building on the very end of the pier) and we happened to see some dolphins while we were eating. So fun!!

It was Cameron's birthday while we were there and we decided to make the trip to Disneyland. I thought it was going to be super crowded because it was Friday but, the longest we ever had to wait for a ride was 40 minutes, no too shabby! Maybe, it's because it was Friday the 13th and people thought they were going to die or something.

This is us at California Adventure. Shortly after this photo was taken, I learned that Disneyland has nurses that work there. This has become my new career goal!

3D glasses photos are my favorite, I told Cameron to be silly, he told me that he didn't know how to make a silly face...

Here we are in Tarzan and Jane's tree-house. It could have been a much cuter picture, but I am doing awkward things with Cameron's arm... haha

Here we are moments before going on Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Toon Town fun!

To end the Disneyland photos I leave you with my favorite picture! The $8 spent on the turkey leg... totally worth it!

He we are freezing our butts off at the beach. I don't think the sun came out from behind the clouds one time that whole day!

Even though it was cold we still managed to get some sweet skimmin' in!

So I'm pretty sure we should send this photo to Victoria Skim Boards because it looks like a pretty sweet add to me!

And, last but not least, my favorite photo of the trip: Cameron trying to kiss me, and me shutting him down. Come on Cam, you can't kiss people on the beach, what if someone else sees us?? haha I love ya Cam!