Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Been A While

Oh man, I have been a horrible blogger these past few months. on a side note, I also haven't felt like Cameron and I have done anything that was worth blogging about until now. We have both been quite busy with school and work, Cameron even got "Employee of the Month." They made a little billboard for him at work that has a bunch of photos and random facts about Cameron. Most of the facts came from his list of 50 things that he wrote back in 2008.

For Spring Break this year Cameron and I and our friends, the Sumko's spent a week down in Cancun! We had so much fun just playing at the beach and snorkeling. It turned out that my parents planned to be in Mexico during that same week so we were able to go on a zip line adventure with them. Thanks guys for the tickets! Cancun has a water park, Wet n' Wild that we went to, it was so much fun! We spent most our time in the lazy river and going down the toilet bowl slide. All in all, it was a super fun trip and we hope that we can go back one day!!

Getting ready to snorkel!

Riding the bus into town, blurrying photos- we were moving

Buying some delicious street tacos

Eating some delicious street tacos

Watching the locals entertain their children

Dan and "creeper" Brittnie with a huge pork rind

Wacky shirts, one even said "He lovers me, he lovers me not."

Some local animal life, there were iguanas everywhere!

The view from our hotel room.

Hanging out at my parents' beach.

The Toilet Bowl!!

Our fancy night dinner, they almost didn't let Cam and Dan in because they were wearing flip flops.

Picture in the elevator.

Crazy Drunken Pirate Man Dancing at our hotel

Our "End-of-the-night-debriefing."

Last day at the beach.