Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pine Valley Mountain

Yesterday Cameron and I and some friends hiked to the top of Pine Valley Mountain. It was probably one of the hardest hikes we have done in a long time. It was 12 miles round trip and it took us about 6 hours. The whole hike was so pretty, the leaves were changing colors, the views were amazing, all in all it was definitely worth it!

Here we are at the beginning of our journey, about 1.5 miles in.

A few years ago an avalanche came through here and wiped out all the trees, it's just barely starting to grow back.

The miles mile of the hike was brutal, it feels like you are going straight uphill. The trail is a mixture of loose rocks and boulders you climb over, so your legs are screaming at you to just stop walking. Even with our legs being as tired as they were, it was so worth it! Here is the group sitting at 10,000 feet up, enjoying the view.

The was a family of ladybugs that ate lunch with us, you can only see 6 of them, but down in that crevice there are like 30 ladybugs!

Cameron, sitting on Burger Point

Cameron and I sitting on a cliff, with St. George below us.

The view of St. George!

I feel so grateful that Cameron and I live in a place where we can go outdoors and see all of these amazing places. It is so humbling to see so much of the world that isn't covered in houses, and fast food restaurants. I feel like I need to thank my Grandpa Nilsen, because if it wasn't for him I know I wouldn't love to hike and be outdoors! Thanks Gramps, for taking me on all those hiking/camping trips! I am not sure if Cameron feels the same as me but, I can't wait to do this hike again!