Wednesday, July 29, 2009

San Diego

Over the 24th of July we decided to head out to San Diego with our good friends, the Sumko's. We basically played at the beach all weekend! On the 25th we did go to the zoo in the morning which was so much fun, I love the zoo!

Here are some photos of our trip!

Cameron, skimming at Oceanside Beach.

Cam and Dan posing with their boards.

Saturday morning we went to the San Diego Zoo. Here is Cameron with an otter. Otters are Cam's favorite animal!

Brittnie and I with the Zebra.

We happen to go in the Bug House, it was the most disgusting thing ever! I am super scared of bugs and these were the nastiest bugs I've ever seen!! Here is Dan with one of the creepier of the bugs, I don't remember what kind of bug it was...

At night we would head down to the Pier and people watch. Here are some photos!!

Cam and I sitting on the beach.

Me, Cameron, Brittnie, and Dan on the Pier.

Here are some of the videos of Cameron skimming at the beach. The boys never filmed Brittnie and I but I promise we did Skim and we both came home with injuries on our knees! HAHA In the first video Cameron does a trick called a "Shove It." He jumps up and kicks the board so it spins underneath him 180 degrees. In the second video Cameron is just messing around, this must've been fun because Cam and Dan did it over and over again.

We had so much fun this weekend and we are so lucky to have such good friends to join us!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Month of July

This month seemed to be jam packed with family, friends, and fun!! We spent our 4th of July with Braeden and Alisha, and Dan and Brittnie. We had a late night BBQ and watched the St George fireworks. We also had lots of sparkler fun, I think I was the most excited about the sparklers...

Those of you who are close to Cameron know that he is a drummer and he loves it! He marched in a drum line during high school, and at the University of Utah, as well as in a drum corp, which is basically a professional marching band. Well, every year there is a Drum Corp competition in Ogden, and we were able to attend the show this year with our friends Chuck and Heather and their little one, Andy. It was so much fun and I was amazed at how loud and intense all the corps were. I was a loser and didn't take very many photos but at least I took some right?

Here is the Vanguard Snare line.

Heather covering Andy's ears, he was such a good sport!

We also had multiple Family reunions! Cameron's parents and brother, Clayton flew in and we made the drive up North to the This is the Place monument and park. This reunion had all of Cameron's cousins, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as well as great aunts and uncles on his Dad's side. We rode on the train, made candles and arrowhead necklaces, and we enjoyed a overall nice day outside!

Me, Alisha, and Susan with our matching shirts, the boys were party poopers and wouldn't join in on the fun...

Cameron making his candle.

Alisha, Clayton, and I with our pioneer hats on.

For the rest of the week just the Cook side came down to St. George and stayed at Cameron's Uncle Shawn's and Aunt Geraldine's Condo. We went up to Zion, went swimming at the washington rec center, had a big BBQ, went swimming at the condo, went to ancestor square and played on the splash pad, played many games and went swimming at the condo again. basically we ate and went swimming. It was lots of fun and I was very glad to finally meet most of Cameron's "Cook-side" cousins! My camera freaked out during all the fun so I wasn't able to take too many photos but here are a few!

Sydney and Olivia in the Splash pad.

Living in St. George we have the opportunity to go on some sweet hikes that are close to our house. Our most recent one was to Kannara Creek. It was lots of fun and extremely pretty!

Dan and Cam cooling off in the River.

Brittnie and I before entering the Slot Canyon.

Cameron and I giving a thumbs-up to the Water fall.

And last but surely not least, Cameron taking a shower...

We also went to San Diego over the 24th of July but I don't have all the pictures of that trip and this post is already way too long, so I will have to post about that later! Sorry for the novel like post!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Called to Serve!

So this past week I was able to go to my Parents house in Springville to spend some time with the fam. When I called my mom to tell her that I was almost there she informed me that Colton got his mission call in the mail. After handing him the letter she said, "Cass, he got a smile and I got sick." We were all super excited for him, mostly because this is such an exciting time in his life!

That night a bunch of family came over to watch him open his call and to hear the big news!
You can watch him read it on the video, people's reactions are quite funny!

For those that didn't watch the video, Colton has been called to serve in the Londrina, Brazil mission speaking portuguese and will report to the Brazillian MTC on November 18th. I'm very excited and very proud of my younger brother for making the decision to go on a mission!!

Good luck Colton! Remember Casseron loves you!