Monday, January 19, 2009

1/2 Marathon

Recently. Cameron and I celebrated our 5 month anniversary. i know it's pretty crazy! HAHA Anyways, I guess I made too much out of it and Cameron felt like he needed to get me a present. Now, when Cameron said, "Cassidy, I have a prize for you." I was expecting a caramello or something a long those lines but I was mistaken. Cameron signed us both up to run in the Painter's Half Marathon...

I thought, "Hey this could be fun it will force me to get into shape and start running more consistently." Then Cameron informed me that the race was in 8 days. Isn't he a sweety? So on the 17th Cameron and I woke up bright and early to run 13.2 miles. I kept telling myself it would be too bad but then, the logical part of my brain reminded me that the longest I had ever run in my life was only like 4 or 5 miles. I was nervous.

The first half wasn't too bad I felt pretty good about it but then, while running miles 8-10 I turnied into a beast. I was so mad at Cameron for signing me up and making me do this without even training. I was mad that Cameron could still carry on a casual conversation. I told him more than once that he didn't need to run with me and could go ahead. Mostly I was just hurting. But, by mile 11 I told myself I was finishing and I said a little prayer and just kept going!

No worries everyone, after 2 hours and 20 minutes of running we saw the finish line, it was a glorious sight! I do reccomend running a half marathon but, don't train for it, just do it! As Cameron reminded me during the last 4 miles when I complained of my legs wanting to fall off my body, "Just think about how good it will feel when you're done!" And when we were done it felt good!!

This isn't a very cute picture but I needed proof that we were there! We asked a man to take our picture when we finished but it didn't work... so this is all we have!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Fun!

So, I guess it is time to update everyone on our Christmas! We were both so very blessed this year, we had to opportunity to celebrate Christmas for like 2 weeks! I was able to go to Springville and see my fam then we flew out to Pennslyvania to spends time with Cameron's family. Which was great! While I was in Springville my mom, my dad, and I went last minute Christmas shopping where they, once again, realized what I bad shopper I am. We also made a trip to Salt Lake where we went to see Body Worlds. It was seriously the coolest museum/exhibit I have ever been too! If you get the chance to see it I highly reccomend that you go!
This is the snowman that is convincing us we need to recycle.

I also had to opportunity to visit my friends back at Art City Nursing and Rehabilitation. This is Mary, she is one of my most favorite people! When I worked the graveyard shift she was always awake and always willing to sing and dance for us. She is wearing her halo because she's "an angel of course!" She could always make me smile, and she was convinced that we went to high school together in Fairview.

After spending some good quality time with my family I headed back for St. George. Cameron, Braeden, Alisha, and I headed out the next morning for the Las Vegas Airport. The security line was ridiculous and it made us late for our plane. At the end of the day we made it to Pennsylvania safe and sound, Braeden and Alisha did fly in 2 hours later than Cameron and I but oh well...

On Tuesday all of the family headed to Longwood Gardens. ]The boys complained of the cold but, all in all it was a fun trip, we got to see some very beautiful flower arrangements and christmas lights!

On Christmas Eve morning Cameron's Grandpa used to take all the grandkids to breakfast at McDonald's so, we chose to carry on the tradition! That night we had a big dinner with lots of yummy food!! We also made gingerbread houses and watched "The Christmas Story".

Then, on Christmas day we had a big breakfast and opened presents. After, we planned on going for a walk around Valley Forge park but, it was way too cold for that! We had the missionaries over for dinner which was really neat to be able to share that time with them. We finished the day with a game of Mexican Train and watched "Elf".
Then on Friday we headed to the Big Apple!! I was so excited because I'd never been to New York before. The drive seemed long and there was definitely traffic. We drove to Staten Island then we took the ferry to the city. I was like a little kid in a toy shop, I watched through the window as we drove past the Statue of Liberty and as we walked the streets I just stared at the tall buildings the whole time, I'm kinda surprised I didn't get lost! We went to ground zero, rode the subway to time square, then walked to central park. We found a local pizza place and had lunch then we took the subway back to the ferry. It was a super fun day and I can't wait to go back!! There were tons of people but it still was lots of fun!!

Saturday was kind of a free day. We went to the King of Prussia mall which is the biggest mall I've ever been in! They had like 2 of every store! We got Auntie Anne's soft pretzels and those were way good.

Sunday we went to church and after is was surprisingly warm so we went on a walk by French Creek. There were these crazy old houses and a cute covered bridge. We had a stick race in the river and Braeden was the winner!

Monday, we went to Philadelphia. We waited in line to see the Liberty bell, we went into the building where the House of Representatives and the Senate first met. We got to look at a chair that both George Washington and Johns Adams sat in. It was all very exciting! And don't worry we got a Philly Cheese Steak from Pats! Ordering was kinda of intimidating but luckily Kevin (Cameron's dad) ordered for us so I didn't mess anything up. And yes, we did stand in that super long line just to get a cheese steak...

On Tuesday the guys wanted to have a free day (aka play video games day) so just us girls went to amish country. It was a lot of fun to look at all the different shops and it's always fun to see how people from different cultures live. We happened to find a cute English shoppe with English candy. Susan bought everyone Crunchie Bars. They are a candy bar that you can't find here in The States, it's chocolate covered Seafoam. If you are ever willing to try something new you can find something very similar to a crunchie bar at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory it's called seafoam and it's one of mine and Cameron's favorites!! We summed up the day by going to see the movie "Austrailia". I enjoyed the movie it was long but not boring.

Then on New Years Eve we got ready to head home. Don't worry we were two hours early for this flight so we all got to ride on the same plane! We landed in Las Vegas at about 9:45 PM Utah time and on the way home we stopped in Mequite to get some food at Del Taco that's about when the clock struck 12:00 AM in Utah. Then when we crossed the state line into Utah is was about 12:45 so we basically missed New Years. All in all it was an super fun trip with lots of memories!! Oh yeah, and this is what we found when we got home....

Well, I guess that's what happens when you live in an old building with a flat roof and there is an unexpected snow storm! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and we apologize for the lack of Christmas cards, maybe next year! :)