Monday, December 3, 2012

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin!

The Dickens Festival always has the best Santa Claus.  I was very excited to get Kyle's Photo taken with him this year.  After one unsuccessful attempt and some bribery we were able to capture this beauty!  Poor Kyle was quite tuckered out by the time she actually got to Santa's lap. 

Dylan and Kyle were a hit while we walked around the different shops that were set up.  We were stopped by multiple people that commented on how cute our babies were.  The most popular questions people asked us were, "Are they twins?" and "How old are they?"  I was surprised that so many people thought they were twins, in the photo below you can tell that they are very different in size.  Kyle was asleep most of the time but Dylan showed off her cute gummy smile to everyone!  Someone even asked asked if she could take a picture of Kyle with her "really old mom."  As I was holding Kyle next to the "really old mom" I realized how very strange this was.  People are wacky and don't believe that babies have personal space issues.  Maybe they don't but, I sure do!  All around it was a good experience!

Merry Christmas!!