Friday, December 10, 2010


Cameron and I had a great Thanksgiving. We were able to go to Pennsylvania and have the holiday with Cameron's parents. We had an amazing dinner with the Brown's, a family in the ward. I wish I would have taken photos of our dinner, but I always forget... Cameron and I did have the opportunity to walk around downtown Phoenixville. It was cool to see the old buildings and here memories from Cameron's high school years.

Here is the mural that tells some of the history of Phoenixville.

The famous Colonial Theatre that made an appearance in the movie "The Blob."

Cameron and the town.

Eating at the Black Lab Bistro.

Cameron's crab cakes.

While in Pennsylvania we were able to help put up Kevin and Susan's Christmas tree.

We also went to Cameron's 10 year class reunion. It was a lot of fun and Cameron really enjoyed seeing old friends.

Phoenixville High School, Class of 2000.

TJ, Scott, Scott's date, Kevin, Cameron, Cassidy, Brian, Brian's date.

Kenny, TJ, Cameron and Luke.

Us with Lucy and Nate Tyler.

We had so much fun on our little trip and can't wait to go back! Happy Thanksgiving!


J Fo said...

What a great little trip! I've only been there once and I would LOVE to go visit again. Pheonixville looks very cool. :) On a side note, has Cam straightened his hair or is the curl just falling out as it gets longer?! ;)

deb and colin said...

We missed you!! Glad it was fun.

Jamielyn said...

We missed you at the black friday sales! Hopefully one of these holidays we will get to see you!