Thursday, October 18, 2012

Growing Gal

     A lot has happened the past few weeks, visit from Nana and Papa, first road trip, first cold, first sick trip to the doctor, and first real smile.  We were worried for a little bit that Kyle was deaf because she never flinched at sounds.  We even took her to see the fireworks for the opening ceremonies of the World Senior Games and she didn't seem to care at all about the loud booming.  We were so freaked out by this that we even banged a pot and pan together right by her face, but still we got no reaction from her.  But, today while Kyle was sleeping I closed the drier door (probably louder than necessary) she flinched!  YAY! Kyle is not deaf! 

     Kyle seems like she is getting bigger.  Photos make it look like she is really filling out but, it's really just her cheeks.  The rest of her body is still very skinny.  Kyle has her own little personality and I have a feeling she is going to be stubborn like her Dad.  She loves to dance with Mom, it usually calms her down.  Tummy time is not her favorite.  Kyle loves her baths, as long as the water is a little warmer than you would expect.

Squished in one car for a shopping adventure!

Our first family photo since Kyle was born... Kyle is 3 weeks old

All the Cook girls

Trying to make help Kyle and Dylan hold hands.

Swimming!  Kyle still seemed too small to go swimming but, hopefully we can take her soon!

Matching dresses!  Kyle was mid-nap when we took these photos, she was not a happy camper.

Papa and Nana

Uncle Clayton.

4 weeks old

Lincoln (almost 2) loved Kyle, he always wanted to hold her.

Grandpa, Kyle, and Tulo

Kyle was so sick, fevers and coughing all day.  She scooted her way from my stomach to that position. 

5 weeks

6 weeks, she loves her pacifier, it's getting hard to take photos without it in her mouth.

Cuddle time with Dad

First day at church!


Dan & Britt said...

Love her cute little dress! She just keeps getting more and more cute! By the way, you look great!