Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

After reading Jessica's blog I felt I needed to also blog about the random thoughts I have been having.

#1 I love my knee socks!! I know here in St. George it isn't near as cold as other places but it is still pretty darn chilly at times. I now have a new love for knee socks. I have always thought that knee socks were cute but now I know that wearing knee socks is a fantastic way to keep your legs warm at all times! I have about 5 pairs and I wear them everyday!!

#2 I love my job! I work in an alzheimer's unit at a local nursing home and I love it there. I am positive that one day I will be in a place like that. The other day I had an interesting experience with one of my friends that I help take care of. I went into his room to ask if he'd like to get in the shower. When I went in his blankets were pulled up over his head and our conversation went like this:

"Hey friend! (I didn't really say friend but for HIPPA reasons I can't state his name) Would you like to get in the shower and get ready for dinner?"

"I can't right now." he sounded a tad distraught.

"How come?"

"I'm prayin! I need to know God and God needs to know me!"

I was surprised by this answer at first because normally this man just goes with the flow but, he seemed really set on praying. I let him pray. Now, as I look back on the experience I realize that my friend had just given me a friendly reminder that, "I need to know God, and God needs to know me."

#3 Last year after Cameron and I returned home from Pennsylvania our ceiling had started to cave in from the weight of rain and snow. We had it repaired but it seems that it still leaks whenever it rains.

It has been raining for the past 24 hours here in St. George...

#4 I love our little Christmas tree! Thanks Mom for all of the Christmas decor!!


Alisha and Braeden said...

I need to get me some knee high socks.. the only ones I have are soccer socks and yes I do wear them to keep my legs warm but yours are so much cuter! Oh and I like your Christmas tree!

J Fo said...

Random thoughts are the best! I am all about the knee socks, too! Today at my school we have 18 inches of snow in some places. What a neat experience with your "friend," and a reminder that we could all use!

Zac & Kami Price said...

Oh Cass... You and you socks. I always looked forward to seeing what socks you would wear to drill practice. I have to say, the knee high are my favorite. They look cozy! Also, I love your tree. Very festive!