Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flagstaff Arizona, don't ya know wynonna!

Ok so we weren't in Flagstaff but we were in Phoenix! haha. This year for Thanksgiving Cameron and I traveled to Arizona to be with Cam's side of the family. It was a fun week and it was even better to see family that we haven't seen in forever! We played spoons, did some karaoke, went to two movies, ate way too much food, and we were able to visit Ashley. We are so lucky to have such a great family!

I am really good at remember to bring the camera but, really bad at remembering to take photos. Luckily, we had cousin's to document our trip or else we would have no pictures!

Here is Tegan and I reading stories.

We watched the boys play FIFA, a lot!

During our karaoke night they decided that we we go from youngest to oldest and we wouldn't change the cd so you didn't get to chose your song. It made the evening a pretty funny one! Now, I'm not that big of a singer but, I even got up there, but Cam didn't take any photos so I don't even have proof, darn! Here's cam "singing" a jessica simpson song.

Ashley was back in the hospital because she has shingles but we went and saw her everyday while we were in Arizona. She has such a cute personality, we just love her!

I love the photo of her and Braeden, when I was taking the picture she was smiling and just before I said three she grabbed his nose, what a funny girl!

Here's Ash and all of us!

I feel like I need to do a shout out to these three because if it wasn't for them, I would have like 2 photos from our trip!!




Thanks guys!

We also had some family photos taken but I don't have those yet I will post them as soon as a get them!


Oremites said...

awe,...I love Ashley. Glad you guys had time for a visit, I'm sure she loved it.

deb and colin said...

It's don't forget wynona, silly! I wish a could have seen you kareoke.

J Fo said...

Looks like fun! I love Cam's singing. I could tell that he really related to the message of the song because of all the emotion he put into it! Haha!

Casseron said...

I never even heard that song before! I was just trying to keep up with the reading of all the words