Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brothers are the Best!

I always wanted to have an older brother. I think this is only because I had friends who had older brothers and they were over protective of their little sister and for some odd reason or another I always wanted that. Instead, I am lucky enough to have 3 of the best little brothers a girl could ask for! Then after I got married, I adopted 3 more brothers!

Colton- We are like two peas in a pod, I feel like I can talk to him about anything. It seems like just yesterday I was mad he didn't get in trouble for throwing a power ranger action figure at me.

Colin- I admit it, I did cry when my mom told me she was pregnant with him but, my life would not be the same without my little Colin! I am glad you are my little bro!

Bryson- My brotha from anotha motha! haha Remember when you spied on me and my friends and you ripped your chinese pajamas? Good times! Bryson is leaving to go on a mission to France next week, I know he will do great!

Braeden, Clayton, Spencer- You guys are pretty neat, I feel lucky to be a part of your family!!

P.S. Look at Cameron's short hair... oh how I miss it! haha Maybe one day we will be reunited!


Oremites said...

Hey if you take a quick glance at Braden, It appears that he has a shaggy crazy pony tail in back. Wierd! By the way, am I dreaming or did we win cards the other night?
Awe snap!!!