Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Time!

Over the past few weeks since school has been out, Cameron and I haven't done anything extremely exciting, but we have done a few things. Here are some photos

Road Runners baseball game with Braeden and Alisha. It was very windy!

Cameron has had many soccer games. This photo is just after he headed the ball.

We went to Hannah and Sydney's softball game. It was very exciting! Jess and Sarah even got to play!

Emmy throwing rocks into a puddle.

Over Memorial Day weekend Cameron's cousin came down from Provo with his friend Cassie. We went to Zion's National Park. I forget how much I love that place. We went on a few different hikes, saw lots of animals (squirrels, frogs, deer, turkeys). It was a lot of fun! The next day we had a BBQ at this cool park we had never been to. This isn't just your normal park, at this park everything on the playground spins! There are teter toter swings, places to rock climb, spinning bucket seats, a spinning circle thing. It was great!

Hiking on the river walk to the Narrows. We wanted to hike in the river but the water is too high and there is a high risk for a flash flood right now so hiking in the river was not an option during this trip.

This is our friend the frog that we met while doing the Emerald Pools trail.

While hiking to the Weeping Rock we just happened to run into Braeden and Alisha.

The three boys.

I thought it would be a cute picture if Cameron and I were trying to catch the water dripping from the rock in our mouths... Cameron did not agree.

At the park trying to figure out how this strange contraption works.

You're supposed to move your body back and forth with your arms, and it makes you spin!

Dan and Brittnie while riding the spinning wheel!

Cameron did not like the bucket seats as much as some of the others.

We love summer time and we are hoping that there will be many more adventures to come!


deb and colin said...

When I looked at the 1st pic, I thought "who is that asian girl?" Hahaha

Alisha and Braeden said...

That park was pretty cool! We will have to go back and go ice blocking too!

Jentrie said...

Looks like so much fun!! Every time you post pictures i keep thinking, i wonder if cam's hair is short yet...ha! Nope. lol ANd your mom's comment cracked me up! :D ANd i have always wanted to go to that park, i think we should go there when we come in august! :)

Tucker & Tiffany said...

Cass, I absolutely love your fun, and adventurous personality! You're the best!
You could make staring at molasses on a hot summers day exciting!

J Fo said...

Great stuff! Love mine and Sarah's action shots! Haha! I really want to go to Zion's with you guys. We have seriously lived in Southern UT for 5 years and have only driven through. Sad huh? I think Emmy (and Greg) would LOVE that park!