Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bachelor??

So, I have been a loser and haven't yet blogged about our amazing trip to Hawaii. Mostly I don't want to blog about it until I have photos, since I am horrible at remembering to take pictures I am going to get them from my mom. We have been having technical difficulties, but as soon as I get the photos I will blog about all of our adventures. Until then I have some random stories to share.

Our first bit of exciting news is: Cameron got accepted to SUU's bachelor program! WAHOOZIE! I am so proud of him, he is such a smartie!

I work with some very unique people these days, and no I'm not talking about the residents, I'm talking about the other employees. I work with a few girls who used to be polygamists. Lately, I have had an added interest in polygamy, I think it's because I see them on a regular basis these days, and polygamy is an odd but interesting culture. One girl that I work with is very open about her past, she once told me that the reason polygs don't say hello to you at the store is because, as a whole they think they are better than you so they don't need to talk to you. I worked with her on Sunday and she opened my eyes to a whole new view on the polygamist lifestyle. A bunch of the staff was talking about random stuff when she brought up the TV show, The Bachelor. She went on to explain that she really got into the show this past season, but that it sort of hit close to home. As she elaborated on this, she explained that while watching the girls bicker and fight over the guy, and complain that he was spending alone time with another girl, all she could think of was when she was married to her ex and would have those same feelings about the other women in their marriage. I thought that was so crazy! Can you imagine living in a real-life Bachelor show?? HAHA I just felt like that story was worth sharing, so the next time you watch The Bachelor, you can now think of the everyday life of a polygamist woman!


J Fo said...

Yay for SUU! Will Cam just commute?

Very interesting perspective on the bachelor! I'll never look at it the same again.

Are you guys going to be in town this weekend? We want to get everyone together for dinner after the last Sunday session. Ma and Pa cook will be in town.

McGuire's said...

Congrats to Cam!! I would hate to be permanently on the Bachelor! Those poor people.

deb and colin said...

I always thought the bachelor and polyg's were kind of creepy. And they both are!!