Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, one day almost exactly one year ago, Cameron and I had this conversation...

Cameron: "Hey Cass, I have something to tell you."

I was feeling a little nervous because he had never acted like this before.

Cassidy: "What is it? Are you ok?"

Cameron: "I'm going to grow out my hair, and there's nothing you can do about."

At first I was a little shocked because this was not what I expected. Then, I thought to myself "no way," I'm positive that Cameron will get sick of his hair soon enough and eventually he will cut it. At this point all I can say is, "Boy, was I wrong!"

February '09

May '09

October '09

November '09

January '10

Since Cameron's hair is curly, these photos don't really show all of the growth that has actually happened. Here's one I took today to emphasize how long his hair actually is...

Cameron also said that I couldn't post this blog unless I put up a photo of his ankle. This injury happened on Wednesday during ward basketball. Long story short, a guy took a cheap shot at Cam and now his ankle is pretty messed up.


J Fo said...

Dude. That is some long hair! It's sad when your hair is more long, luscious and beautiful than mine.

Dude. That is a nasty ankle! (Greg told me about it, and I think you should have punched the guy in the face!)

Brett and Lex said...

I noticed his hair was getting progressively longer... I like it! Haha! I think it's sweet he can pull it off. My Dad had a similar look back in the day!

OUCH! That ankle looks sore!

deb and colin said...

I think he should grow a skody beard to go with the hair. I can't believe some "doucher" would take out his ankle!!

Sky n' Cam said...

BAHAHHAA that hair! you should count your blessings.... Your husband could be LOOSING hair instead of growing it!

Oremites said...

Church basketball is where it all goes down! Sorry bout the ankle Cam.

Have you tried taking your straight iron to his hair. That would make for a cute picture:)

McGuire's said...

Are you growing weed or hemp in your back yard? You look almost as sweet as David Bowie in Labrynth.
"Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?"
"Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it?"
"Cutting hair does not exist in this dojo, does it?"
We'll be down there almost an entire week the first week of April. Hope to see you guys.

MELANIE said...

I love long hair! You go Cam!!

Kate & Drew's Great Adventure! said...

Hey Cass and Cam! you two are so cute! I support the hair! What if Cam goes bald in 20 years and wishes he would have grown it out? See there's an advantage. But do I follow you guys on this? I added you to my blog but I want to get your updates. Do you know? Thanks, Loves! Katie