Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Year of Marital Bliss!!

Well, we've made one whole year of marriage! It seems crazy that it's already here. Cameron and I have been very lucky to have such a lovely first year!!

One of our first dates, Friday the 13th in Salt Lake!

Minutes after the proposal at "Dixie Rock."

The wedding day!!

This past year has been wonderful and we plan for many many more wonderful years to come! Love ya Cam!!


Brett and Lex said...

Congrats! Time just flies! You guys are a great couple! We WILL see each other soon!! I'm determined!

J Fo said...

A YEAR?! Wow! It seems like just yesterday we were getting rained on at the pool! ;) I like how your scared face and your surprise face are kind of the same in the first two pictures! You guys are the best!

Jentrie said...

Yeah, it's crazy it's been a year already! Wow! I wish I saw both of you more though...I feel like I still don't really know Cam. haha And you've married a yesr! haha

deb and colin said...

We went to the club in your honor. And because we had to spend our minimum.

ChelseaKate said...

oh cute, yay!! congratulations! :)

marcikay said...

That year went by fast!! (for me..)

btw.. We got there right AFTER the rain stopped..

(and you are in the new issue of Utah Valley Bride.. we looked through it, its almost exactly the same issue as before!!)

charlesandheatherfrancis said...

I love the ring picture! too funny!

Alisha and Braeden said...

happy anniversary! we feel so blessed to have been able to spend your special day together with you guys in the car