Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Geeky-ness

So basically, I have dance for the majority of my life and I will forever love anything and everything that has to do with dance, including the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. I am obsessed with this show, for the past three seasons I have watched it every single week, probably every episode multiple times. Season five ended tonight and I felt like I should let everyone in my favorite dances this season! I couldn't figure out how to put the videos on my blog but here are the links to watch them on youtube.

This first dance was done by Kayla and Kupono, and was choreographed by Sonya (my favorite!)

Click hereto watch

My next favorite dance was by Kayla and Janine choreographed by Mia Michaels. It was the skirt dance, I couldn't find it anywhere so that's too bad!

Then my very very very most favorite dance of the whole season was the addiction dance choreographed by Mia Michaels and preformed by Kayla and Kupono. For some reason the link takes about 15 seconds to start but it works so just be patient! HAHA

Click Hereto watch

If you can't tell I really really liked Kayla, I wish she could have won but, oh well I guess! I hope you enjoy these crazy good dances!!


J Fo said...

The only dance stuff that I ever cared about growing up was when I got to see the Nutcracker ballet every year for my birthday. So I've never been a dancer or interested in dance, but I too LOVE this show. I love the dances that you chose. We were big Kayla and Kupono fans too. I was glad that Janine won, though. I think that she was kind of under-rated all season but is SO good. Good thing we only have to wait until Sept. or more!

marcikay said...

okay.. SO not geeky - at least to me, because this is also my favorite show.. I too, feel like Kayla was the best dancer - love her, love her grandpa, love the addiction dance.. BUT Nigel (who WAY bugged me this season) always used to say in season 2 - we're not voting for America's BEST dancer, but America's FAVORITE dancer.. so I have been torn all season, cause I just love Evan..
Which is I guess, doubly depressing, because they came in 3rd and 4th..

marcikay said...

oh!! and look on they did a "15 best dances" post, where you can watch them all.. I mostly agreed with all of them.. (and I have season 2 recorded on dvd if you ever wanted to watch it..) (still my favorite season)