Friday, November 21, 2008


So, soccer has never been one of my favorite sports. If any of you read my mom's blog about my dad then you know that he broke his leg twice, both times while playing soccer. Therefore my brother, Colton and I were never exposed to the lovely game. Well, it turns out that my little Cameron loves soccer so over the past two years I have been to watch Cameron play in numerous soccer games. At first it was really boring and I honestly hated going but, I knew I needed to support him and his soccer-ness.
Well, since moving to St. George Cameron has found a new group of soccer buddies, most of them/all of them being from mexico and only speaking spanish has been a dream come true for Cameron. Now he gets to play soccer as well as speak spanish. It has been and continues to be really fun for me to go and watch Cameron play. Now, it is much easier for me to pick out which player he is, since he's the only tall, white guy out there. I have even learned to like soccer, sometimes it even gets intense!

Here are some photos from his last game! Cameron's team scored four goals in the first fifteen minutes of the game, two of those goals were Cameron's. Before the half ended the other team had scored one goal. With only fifteen minutes left in the game Cameron's team scored two or three more goals then the other team gave up. It was a slaughter!! HAHA


Jamielyn said...

Nice Job Cameron! I never used to be a big soccer fan until I married Kurt! We have been to a couple Real Soccer games (which I highly recommend), and I love watching it now! I like how it is constantly moving, plus the guys are usually pretty ripped which adds to the enjoyment!! :)

J Fo said...

I think that Cam might have an unfair advantage with his height. It gives him a much better view of the field when there are no other heads in the way!

deb and colin said...

I'm surpised he hasn't had to show his birth certificate. He looks like he is playing in the 10 and under league.

Line said...

I think that would be a dream for Saia too--playing soccer and speaking Spanish at the same time!

The Hirschi's said...

Do I need to come to your soccer games and do an immigration check.