Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, i was tagged to write seven random things about myself so here is goes!

1- I love comfy clothes, pajamas, sweats, etc. Sometimes, I like them just a little too much. At one point and time I had 76 pairs of pajama pants but, don't worry I only have like 7 now.

2- Most of my friends are older than 75. I work at a nursing home and I love it! Old people are the best! Especially, the ones that are a tad confused. Just the other day I was helping a lady get in the shower and she said, "I only want a paleontologist to take care of me." I couldn't help but laugh.

3- Around 10:30/11 PM I get this strange want to talk about everything i can possibly think of. Cameron will agree that after he's been asleep for about 15 minutes I wake him up with my useless chatter.

4- I scare extremely easy and I'm super jumpy. Cameron scares me everyday just by walking into the room I was in or lots of times when he comes through the front door and i'm sitting on our couch I jump because will it was unexpected. Just the other day I was at the mall and walked into a store that was darker tan normal and the music was really loud and walked into another section and a worker was folding clothes and well he scared me. HAHA but it does always make out for a good laugh!

5- I have a strong testimony of the Gospel My heavenly father leads in me in everything I do, I am so grateful for all the blessings He has given unto me.

6- I struggle with making simple everyday decisions, such as what should we have for dinner, or what movie should we rent. Yesterday Cameron and I celebrated that I chose what to make for dinner and what to do after dinner, it was an accomplishment.

7- I don't like my food to touch. Buffets are really hard for me because I don't want my food to touch on my plate so I end getting for 4 plates and people probably think I'm a fatty-fat kid eating all the food but really I just don't want my food to touch so I can' fit as much on my plate.

There ya go, 7 random things about me!

I shall tag, Mom, Melanie, and Jame!


Jamielyn said...

Thanks Cass! That was fun to read and do! It made me realize I have issues, but it was fun! Can't wait to see you on Thanksgiving!

deb and colin said...

You forgot to mention not only can't your food touch, you have to eat all of one thing before eating the next, even with casseroles and salads and such. That is pretty random.

MELANIE said...

Deb - this is the part where you chew Cassidy out for tagging me........... :)

Kayla said...

You sound so much like me cassidy haha! Especially the part where you get the urge at like 11 pm after your hubby is asleep to just talk about things! I DO THE SAME THING and he's like "why do you choose NOW to talk about things?". anyways, how are you? how's the married life? hope all is well :)

-your old neighborhood springville friend, Kayla (Taggart) :D

my blog is

Brett and Lex said...

Haha, oh Cass! I miss you and your strange eating habits! :)