Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night Cameron and I went to see Thriller! It was so much fun! I was even lucky enough to see Matt Dorame from So You Think You Can Dance so, that was pretty cool! The dances were all really good and it made me miss dancing but, it was still loads of fun!!!

Also, Hafoka sent Cameron this photo from the mission... I have the wackiest husband!


collinanddani said...

Ok that is a really scary picture! We were in Philly for about 2 days and then we came home so I'm not sure exactly where we were, but I do know that if we drove two minutes we were in Delaware.. By the way Congrats on the whole mariage thing!

J Fo said...

Looks like fun! Matt was one of our favorites from last season! He was in Thriller?! or was he there watching. We kind of thought that he looked like Cam. Mostly the tall skinny thing probably.

Cam- was this Hofuku your 'partner'? You know you need to get on here and explain what the heck was going on it that picture!

Jamielyn said...

I love Thriller! I've only been once, but it was a lot of fun! I'm so excited I found out you and your mom have blogs now!
Not really sure what it is about the mission, but Kurt has some pictures that make me wonder too!!

saia said...

haha. lovin the picture! soy nica y que?! and love the GAT hangin out your shorts!!haha. good times.

Team Su'a said...

Ahi Ej hermano! That's a hilarious picture cook! Looking forward to keeping in touch, hook us up with some of your famous "sapasui".