Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My 50 things

I am following in the footsteps of my cousin here. His list was 100 things, but im younger so ill see if i can fill 50.

1. I am a realist.
2. Cassidy is an optimist, which I think makes us the perfect compliment to each other.
3. When I was in elementary school, without provocation, I got beat up by a special ed kid. In my defense, it was a blind attack, but it still hurt my street cred.
4. I cry every time I hear Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb". I can't help it.
5. I love Shasta creme soda.
6. We were so poor growing up that we would steal toys from our Mexican neighbors, until they put a cactus by the hole in the fence to keep us out.
7. If I were a girl my name would have been Kamela.
8. I love being a male.
9. The driving age should be raised to 18.
10. After you're 65, you should have to retest every year to keep your license.
11. I drink tons of water, I always have a big nalgene bottle with me.
12. I learned recently that excessive thirst may indicate diabetes, more on this as the story develops
13. I'm part Samoan, though I try to not bring it up because it always leads to, "no way, but you're so white".
14. Because of my grandparents, I didn't like Tongans. Until my mission where I served with a lot of Tongans. Now I like them more than Samoans!
15. On the last day of high school, I recited the lyrics to "If you don't know me by now" over the PA system.
16. I love america's funniest home videos
17. When I was in 2nd grade, I won the San Francisco fleet week poetry contest. I got $200.
18. I still write poems sometimes but only for my wife
19. My parents left the Bay because they thought me and my brothers were going to join gangs. I never told them the bloods were hecka recruiting me in '93 haha
20. Elvis is overrated
21. My theme song throughout high school was "Enjoy the Silence" by depeche mode.
22. My motto throughout high school and to this day is "who cares what people think, screw em'"
23. Tipping is the worst idea ever. It's ok if you earn it but it shouldn't be expected
24. I have basically the same wardrobe that i had since I was 15.
25. My official stance on politics is, "Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss".
26. Life was better before cell phones.
27. I love babies, I was the kid in the ward everyone had babysit for them.
28. I feel like I was born in the wrong country and 60 years too late.
29. I haven't puked since I was 7.
30. If the wind and the waves are right, I could live on a beach forever.
31. People think because I'm tall I play basketball. But I play soccer, and basketball is my least favorite sport.
32. I'd rather ride a bike or walk than go by car.
33. Once in Nicaragua, I saw an old man riding a schwinn around town, sweating and exhausted, but happy. I remember thinking "this guy should be in a cadillac". I decided then that I needed to rethink what it meant to be happy and successful.
34. There are no moral dilemmas
35. I love 80's movies
36. I don't like money, earning or spending it.
37. I own multiple Michael Bolton and Neil Diamond shirts. Cassidy hates them
38. For senior prom, my friend TJ and I singlehandedly got the whole school to vote for Peter Gabriel's "in your eyes" for the last song.
39. I'm afraid of the dark
40. I've never owned a good pair of jeans.
41. I'm 95% sure that I will die in a drowning accident.
42. When I was in boy scouts I thought that all boy scouts were LDS. It led to some awkward conversations
43. During the mission i'd take notes everyday of new words I didn't know or random thoughts. I still do it to this day
44. I think reality tv needs to die a horrible death
45. I don't know any of my family member's birthdays, just Braeden, june 19th.
46. Once at a party, somebody was DJing with their ipod and I put mmmbop on repeat. It was an hour before anyone even noticed.
47. Professional athletes should have a salary cap of $15 dollars an hour. No pay for time-outs.
48. I eat lots of weird foods, due to my Samoan-ness. Cassidy tries to pretend she doesn't mind.
49. When hiking in Havasu Pi, an Indian confronted me alone in the woods. He was convinced I was Andrew McCarthy and wanted my autograph. And that was the closest i've ever been to being raped.
50. I could live in shorts and jandals. The first 13 years straight of my life were in jandals


saia said...

are you freakin kidding me?! I was rolling the whole time I went through your list! Afraid of the dark? What about your "Joseph Smith" experience in the woods? hahaha

J Fo said...

I think that you and Greg are long lost brothers; other than the whole Samoan v. Irish thing! It's kind of freaky. I'm dying about #15! Is it for real!? I'm wishing that I were brilliant enough to have thought that one up!

MELANIE said...

Excellent post! I remember when I heard that you were part Samoan and you are right on #13. Lance also loves AFV. Neil Diamond is rad. I don't know about Michael Bolton though.... What the crap are jandals?

saia said...

hey, I'm glad you and Cassidy had a good laugh at that picture i sent you lastnight!!hahaha. good times...

McGuire's said...

Cameron, I seriously almost just peed my pants. That brought back some great memories of when I first met you and Benson and you were telling me of the rat stories! So funny!! That was great, thanks for posting! I'm so happy you guys have a blog. That's so fun you guys went to thriller! emily

Thayerclan said...
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McGuire's said...

Surely the man you saw riding his bike on #33 had a family of five on various locations of the bike. Funny stuff. We share the same passion for AFV. Look up "women falling" on YouTube and you will see a great AFV. Call us next time you're up here.

Brett and Lex said...

Cameron, considering I have only met you once a LONG time ago before you were even dating Cass, it's good to read this and get to know you a bit. In addition to every awesome thing that Cass has told me about you, I know see why she likes you so much! Good work. We're officially friends!