Saturday, January 12, 2013

4 Months

It is so hard for me to believe that little Kyle is already 4 months old.  I just want her to stop growing and stay my 5 pound baby forever!  Kyle went to her 4 month checkup at the end of December.  She is a growing gal and has doubled her birth weight already!  She's weighs 10lbs 7oz and is 22.25in long which puts her in the 5th percentile for both.  She is just a petite little girl. 

Kyle still hates tummy time but, since that appointment we have been practicing and she still hasn't rolled over but, she is getting a lot closer and she's getting better at lifting her head.  She has learned to turn her head to the side which could be a bad thing because now she just lays there.

Kyle blows spit bubbles all day long, it's the cutest thing ever! 

Kyle needs a lot of attention.  It seems like she used to entertain herself more but, I can't really remember.  Now, she needs to have someone in sight or else she starts to yell and pitch a fit.

Kyle is stubborn (I wonder where she got that trait? haha), we recently switched her to her crib and it was a rough week.  She would cry and cry and cry.  She hated it.  I still don't think she likes her crib but, she is doing much better now.

Kyle loves to dance around the house with Mom.  Her favorite band is One Direction, she always has a huge smile when dancing to their songs.

At Christmas Kyle started to talk more and was making this super cute squealing noise but, after we got home she stopped doing it.  She loves her dad and talks to him all the time.

Kyle is getting much better at sitting in the Bumbo.  We are looking forward to start feeding her rice cereal in the next few days.

Kyle loves her cousin Dylan, when they are together they stare at each other, smile, and Kyle can't seem to stop talking.  I love watching them interact!

Kyle is now facing forward in her stroller.  She seems to like walks a lot more and she doesn't fall asleep quite as easily.

Kyle gets to stay home with Dad while I'm at work and they both love it.  I'm pretty sure that if I would let him, Cameron would give up working and going on to more school so that he could stay at home with Kyle all day, everyday.  We often fight over who gets to hold her, especially if one of us has been at work all day. 

Kyle has been such a blessing in our lives and the best Christmas present we could ask for.  I have completely turned into one of those moms that only talks about her kids and I don't even care!

Kyle and her crib, she likes to stare at the monster and its baby before she falls asleep.

Swinging for the first time.

Love her blue blue eyes and rosy cheeks.

Dylan and Kyle

"Hey, this is my stroller!" Poor Kyle, we bug her, a lot.

Worn out after a big new years party... She had only been awake for like 45 minutes.

Kyle loves her feet!

She does not like to dance with her dad...


Tiffany said...

I think she totally looks like your hubby.