Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update Central!

It seems like the past few weeks have just flown by! Cameron and I both graduated from school. I received an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Nursing, and Cameron received a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. It is so nice to finally feel like I am done with school (I'm trying not to think about the fact that I still need to get my bachelors...) Cameron recently started a new job, he is now working as an RN in the ICU here in St. George. Cameron is one amazing dude, not very many nurses can get an ICU job with less than a year of experience so we are very proud of him!

Giving my speech, yes I had to speak at graduation, and yes it was terrifying!

Getting pinned by my professor, Jane Edwards.

Cameron doing the traditional graduate march. (yes, he is wearing a t-shirt and soccer shorts)

Cameron with his diploma, did I mention he graduated Magna Cum Laude?

We are trying to make this summer a fun one and have planned to go on a few fun trips and to do some fun stuff here in town. Thus far, we have been busier than expected but we have still been able to do some fun things. We have gone on bike rides, a few hikes, and to this new place in St. George called Antigravity. There are just a bunch of trampolines and you jump around. It was lots of fun and more tiring than you'd expect. Our friend Micah even beat the record on the running bungy cord thing and won a free pass!

Here are some photos!

So I really didn't want to put narrations about these photos but, please notice Dan's extremely sweaty back! haha


J Fo said...

That's great about speaking at graduation. I hope your hubby got it on camera! Anti-gravity looks wild! WE need to hang out soon. I'm off work until the 20th, so anytime is good for me! :)